Mood: (I"ve had better days)

Song: Bryan Adams, Sting, Rod Stewart - All for love


I"m in my second apprentice year now...yay *gg* It doesn't reallz feel any different....I still have to do all the stupid work.... but hey, rome wasn't built in a day either...

When it comes to love though, my life sucks....this guy, Daniel, he's really cute....but it turns out he's just playing with me...I'm not his type...that's what he you can imagine how I feel towards gguys at the moment.... but what can you do.....

oh, and before I forget....I was at the doctors, because I can't sleep properly and everything, and they found out that I have a Schilddruesenunterfunktion....which means that my body is killing of my now I have to see an expert and take pills and I have to go through tests and, fun fun....

Ok, so that"s about it...hope everything is fine with y'all

See ya soon...

love jessy





6.8.07 18:02

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