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Well, here I am again...Okay, so first....to happy things:

I saw Harry Potter last week friday...I was totally gobsmacked...this movie is amazing...really...I mean...wow...

Well, Dan Radcliffe handsome as always...really good actor now...and have you ever seen him with a beard?!?! He looks sexy...I'm telling you, the girl who gets him, is going to be the most happiest girl in the world!!!

Anyway...that was the happy stuff that happened to me...the bad stuff is next:

I have a problem...and it may not seem like a big problem to you...but it is to me: I already told you about Uschi...the girl who fell in love with the same guy that I did...well, the problem is that ben(the said guy) really hates uschi...but I'm getting along with her again...really well actually...and that's a problem for him...although he keeps saying that he doesn't care...he keeps going on about it...

So, in a way, he's telling me to either let her drop, or him....and that's just not fair...he knows how important he is for me...I mean...for gods sake...I Love Him!!!!

But love isn't easy, and sometimes I think it takes a little time to see behind people....and I think I'm seeing the real Ben, and not the Ben I fell in love with....so...I don't know what to do...I have no time to call my best friend and talk to her....but I hope she reads this...and tells me what she would do, cause I have no idea....

Well, those are my problems at the moment....but apart from that...can't wait till saturday!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows!!!!!!

So, see ya guys in a week....love ya all and keep your heads up *g*



17.7.07 08:50

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dornü / Website (18.7.07 20:29)
also in deinem fall wenn ich zwischen uschi und ben stehen würde würd ich mich eindeutig gegen uschi entscheiden die will doch eh nur das du des machst was sie will die behandelt dich wie so nen sklaven und der ben hat angst das du drauf eingehst weil er vielleicht des von der uschi weis und sich sorgen macht ich würd die tussi von uschi in wind schießen die verrät dich sonst wieder irgendwie

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