Song: Anthony Stuart Head - End Game


Well, today's the day!!! I have to go back to my apartment, again....for god knows how long....It's really  sad, I had about a week of vacation, didn't really have time to relax, with Rock im Park and everything....but it was kinda ok....I'm still really sad!!!


I miss my parents already, and I'm not even gone yet! Anyway....nothing important happened the last few days....I had to build up my tent again, so I could clean it was really nasty!! And I noticed that it's really not easy to build up a tent all by yourself....I need to remember that for the next time


And tomorrow work starts's just 3 days, but still...I really don't feel like working...especially not on Sunday....I'll just ask Renate, a kollege (sp?) of mine to switch shifts with me....I hope it works....Oh, I forgot,  you guys don't know what I work as....well, I'm an apprentice as an hotel assistant....not that overwhelming, really....  but it's work...and we here in Germany have to be happy with whatever we get, that's the hard and awful truth...


Oh, and something hilarious for the end of this....Melissa, someone I was once friends with, but she wrote me off of her list, or so she said....told me I should write her if I have time....funny...somehow she still cares about me...well, I just decided that I really don't have time  to pick up the phone and call her, let alone write her a quick message....


Well, if you'll excuse me now, I have to pack my tent back into the bag, and get that ugly R.I.P off of the backside of my doesn't look good anymore... 


So, see you guys...


With lots of luv




P.S. Oh, before I forget: Sorry Dorni, I completely forgot to call you...well, I guess the letter explains it all.... hope everything is fine with you....Love ya!!!


7.6.07 16:52

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