Hey it's me, Jessy!


hello there. My name is Jessica and this is my WebBlog. XD

Well, I'm kinda new to this, so please be a bit understanding. I had a webblog once, but it somehow got lost.....well, I didn't have time anymore so I stopped.

Anyway, this is my second one, lets see how long I have it...but I guess that's not important, important is what I write....so I'll just start with today....

Nothing special, except that I slept till half past 1 p.m....and somehow missed half of the day....spent most of the time eating ^^ and I watched TV. I saw Kinsey - really good movie - and a movie about some pope....don't know which one....really boring if you ask me....

Anyway....that's how I spent my day....until I had the brilliant idea of creating another blog....I'll have to write it during my EDV class or when I'm at home....so you'll probably get information on my mostly boring live at least every second week....

Well, that's about it....have nothing more to say except....have a nice day, or night, whatever....Oh and hey to my friend Dorni....love ya

5.6.07 21:44

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